PREP do’s

  • Exfoliate skin
  • Do any shaving, getting nails & hair done before coming in
  • Bring or wear LOOSE dark clothes
  • Shower a few hours before session


  • DO NOT put lotion, oils or anything on the skin
  • DO NOT use an exfoliator with oils or beads as it can hinder the outcome

POST do’s

  • After eight FULL hours start to lotion skin at least twice a day
  • Pat dry after shower (no rubbing skin)


  • DO NOT use any stripping agents such as, exfoliators / retinals / drying bar soaps
  • DO NOT touch your skin before taking a shower (for rapid see below for instructions)

POST for RAPID/QUICK rinse formula

  • DO NOT put lotion/oils/perfume on right after rinsing (still wait the full eight hours for development)
  • DO NOT rub when drying off (pat dry always)
  • DO NOT wear tight clothes while developing
  • DO NOT sweat for a full eight hours during development
  • DO NOT put on liquid make up (powder only until full eight hours after tan)
  • DO NOT scratch or rub your skin as it can cause lines while developing
  • DO NOT submerge in water for an extended period of time after rinse